Prepare the Ground for Your Construction Project

Start with site prep services from RLD Land Services in St. Cloud & Haines City, FL

There are quite a few steps you'll need to take to create a solid foundation for your new build. That's why it's important to find a site prep service in St. Cloud & Haines City, FL that can handle every one of them.

RLD Land Services LLC will take your construction project from start to finish with comprehensive site prep services. We can demolish old structures, dig trenches and drainage tunnels and level the land so it's ready for building.

Turn that mountain into a molehill

Don't start building a new facility or parking lot on an uneven plot of land. Instead, turn to our site grading service. We'll make your construction project easier by:

  • Reducing the risk of drainage issues and erosion
  • Preventing your foundation from shifting
  • Creating a flat, open surface to build on

Call 407-908-5552 now to arrange for site grading services at your commercial property in the St. Cloud & Haines City, FL area.